Our Story


As someone who grew up with cats, I developed a special bond with these lovely animals and always had the desire to help them, especially those who are vulnerable and don’t have homes.


After realizing the shocking number of cat rescue organizations, it made me angry and frustrated – they’re in desperate need of donations, but not every shelter gets a fair chance, so I decided to look for a new approach to help as many of them as possible.


I was thinking about an effective way of funding but couldn’t find the answers that I was looking for.


Then, one day, I got the idea to offer cat-themed products and to give part of my profits to a different rescue organization each month.


Besides catering to passionate cat lovers, I’d now be able to provide a “donation boost” and give exposure to these organizations so that more people learn about their worthy work.


Today, I use this new way to help cats in need that I’d never have thought possible.


Edwin Janssen, 

Founder Cat Obsessed Guy

— My 3 mischievous cats —


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